Be part of the movement

We understand that many clients already respect the Intellectual Property rights of their vendors and suppliers.

We want to thank you for your commitment by inviting you to:

  1. Take the PitchMark Pledge - it's free.
    Take the pledge today and embed the premium PitchMark logo into your website or email signature.
  2. Get certified for PitchMark Compliance
    Go one step further and go for PitchMark Compliance Certification. See below for details.

Vendors and suppliers will reward you with their best proposals, knowing they can trust that you will not use their ideas without a transparent discussion.

Be part of the global movement that's redefining how innovators and client work together.

Take the pledge now - it's free!

The PitchMark Pledge

I pledge to Innovators that they can trust me with their ideas.

As a professional in my field, I pledge to communicate with Innovators in a transparent and clear way if there is a dispute, such as when I receive ideas unsolicited , or I have already been working on a similar idea before receiving the pitch, or similar ideas are pitched to me from unconnected sources.

I will benefit from taking the pledge by not having to pay pitch fees.

Take the pledge now - it's free!

Get proposals from the best in the business

The best in the creative industries will want to provide their ideas to you. That's because the PitchMark logo shows prospective vendors and suppliers that you respect their intellectual property.


Avoid pitch fees

Creative agencies are discouraged from levying pitch fees if they see you are a PitchMark member.

It's the right thing to do

PitchMark Compliance Certification takes your respect for Intellectual Property rights one step further.

To qualify, we will certify you when you adopt our 12-point plan:

  1. Publicise that you are committed to respecting your suppliers’ intellectual property rights
  2. Appoint a suitably qualified Compliance Officer
  3. Refer to the policy in employee and service agreements
  4. Notify suppliers of your policy
  5. Remind all staff annually
  6. Disclose - in correspondence seeking IP
  7. Identify IP provided by external parties as belonging to them
  8. Record IP submitted for three years in a central registry
  9. Audit materials submitted up to three years ago
  10. Respect PitchMark protection mechanisms
  11. Promote Compliance Officer's details
  12. Assist investigations into IP theft
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