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Legal counsel everywhere: We have many hundreds of Innovators registered - and they need your help! They know how to create compelling pitches. But they may be uncertain of their legal rights when it comes to protecting them.

Join the PitchMark Global Legal Network so when PitchMark-registered Innovators have questions, or need a trusted partner to help them pursue a legal claim, they know who to turn to.

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  • Invite you to provide relevant written or video content which we can circulate to Innovators

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PitchMark?

PitchMark is both a tool and a community. In addition to time/date certification evidencing Innovators’ creative output, PitchMark raises awareness for the need to respect Intellectual Property Rights. By joining the PitchMark Global Legal Network, you demonstrate you are part of a community that takes IP Rights seriously and is prepared to stand up for them. It is an ecosystem of like-minded individuals committed to doing the right thing, to behaving properly, and respecting creativity.

How much does it cost to register as a member of the PitchMark Global Legal Network?

The annual registration fee is USD$2,300 per attorney.

What do I get for my registration fee?

You get exposure to, and acknowledgment within, the PitchMark community as a trusted and knowledgeable IP lawyer capable of furthering creative peoples' careers. You get an opportunity to promote yourself and your skills within a self-selected, opt-in group of potential clients and an opportunity to highlight your activities and achievements. You also get PitchMark discounts and free services with a corresponding value well in excess of your USD$2,300/year registration fee:

  • Introduction to Innovators in your jurisdiction
  • Showcase of your profile to Innovators on the platform
  • Invitation to provide relevant written or video content which we can circulate to Innovators
  • A link to your external professional listing
  • Use of the PitchMark name and logo for your promotional purposes
What else does PitchMark do in the creative arena?

PitchMark sponsors, organizes and participates in select IP events around the world including workshops, forums, conferences, seminars, and social media central to the creative community. PitchMark has featured prominently by curating its own content in the World Intellectual Property Forum (WIPF), the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property congress (AIPPI), Mumbrella360 and World Intellectual Property Day. We will continue to host networking events, award ceremonies, and other outreach initiatives providing further exposure and marketing opportunities for its affiliated lawyers.

How can I offer my legal services to PitchMark-registered Innovators?

We connect you with prospective clients to whom you can market yourself directly, on your own terms and conditions and without our further involvement.